Bare cupboards at the Food Bank

Families and seniors are eligible for coupons they can use at the weekly Farmer’s Market at Grizzly Plaza this summer. And that’s a good thing since the cupboard is getting decidedly bare at the Community Connections’ Food Bank.  David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

The cupboard is getting decidedly bare at the Community Connections’ Food Bank.

“I was just speaking with Marilyn Hermann who is the president of Food Banks BC and she indicated that food banks across BC are all struggling this year,” said Larson, who — as Community Connections outreach services manager — oversees the food bank. “Our cupboards here in Revelstoke are bare and at this point there is not a lot of food for anyone to share. This is an all time low for our food bank!”

She said Food Bank supporters can help by donating basic food items such as canned meat, pasta and sauce, cereal, peanut butter, soups and meals-in-a-tin (such as ravioli, stew etc.). Cash helps, too, of course and those who can easily make a cash donation are encouraged to do so.

Real, solid non-perishable food and cash donations by the community are needed because  while a $2 million grant to the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets provides coupons to low-income families and seniors to they can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, it really doesn’t go very far.

The program is only running for 14 weeks and gives families coupons worth $15 each week, while seniors will receive $12 worth. Coupons are treated like cash and can be used to purchase a variety of BC food products including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, dairy and fresh cut herbs. But that’s not going to purchase a lot of anything at the market where a bag of mixed greens that might provide a small salad for two adults goes for $3 or more.

A statement from the provincial government said the program will support up to 50 families and pregnant women and up to 10 seniors per community. The intent is to expand the program to support more individuals and BC communities each year.

This comes just in time for the almost-seasonal dip in the Food Bank’s fortunes.

Larson said the Food Bank is now relying on food shipments from Food Banks BC, the umbrella agency for the province’s many community food banks but all communities in BC are struggling this year.

Anyone who wishes to help Revelstoke’s food bank can do so by purchasing one a $2 coupon at Cooper’s or Southside, or by dropping off cash or non-perishable food items.

For more information please call Patti Larson at 250-837-2920, ext. 28, or send her an e-mail at



  1. Wow, shame shame shame. this town hasn’t changed a bit. Still run by the same ole boys. t’s a dirty pretty little town. Hey instead of tithing to the Pope why don’t you keep it local and feed a few kids. Better yet the next city employer that retires don’t fill his or her job, we really don’t need another street sweeper. Donate his or her salary to the food bank. ts really starting to stink here and you can’t fool me.

  2. We are concerned about our shelves being bare for good reason. Last month in June we assisted 201 adults and 73 children. This is an increase of 18% over June 2011!

    We rely on community donations and would ask for any donation large or small…please remember our needs are year round not just at Christmas!

    Revelstoke is one of four communities in the Interior Health Region that was chosen to participate in the Farmers Market Coupon Program. Revelstoke and Nelson are sharing the number of families and seniors that we can assist. So based on the funding, Community Connections Food Bank is able to assist 25 families and 5 seniors each week. The $2 million government grant will be spread over the next three years and in future will be rolled out to more communities throughout BC.

    Patti Larson
    Program Manager, Community Connections Food Bank

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