Thanks for the votes on the annexation; now it’s time to win the referendum

Thank you, Revelstoke, for your combined effort of over 800 signatures, now we go to referendum. I hope the results will reflect what the good people of Revelstoke want and please, Mr. Evans, enough of your childish insults. No one believes them anyways. See everyone at the polls


Daren Corneliuson
Revelstoke, BC


  1. Is there some way we can ask the city to help now that we lack a planner? To make an informed decision, I believe the voters need to avoid the plague of Alternative Facts that’s being spread South of the border (but NOT down Mexico way 😉 )

    If the annexation proponents try to stress only the initial phase of the inevitable development requesting process and poo-poo the concerns over loss of ALR land AT THIS POINT, i fear we too will have to do some plain dealing as well as finding:

    a/ a site for a new sewage treatment facility on the other side of the Illicillawaet River (only sensible solution if so much to be built on that side of the bridge?)

    b/ a field to grow enough legal pot this summer to make everyone forget what they’ve voted for if the city expansion goes ahead piecemeal


    c/ people to serve on the OCP update process which will specify what areas are to be annexed and, Most Importantly, which ALR designations will be upheld for community food security and other agriculture-based activities going forward

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