Gerry Taft comments on the Speech from the Throne

To the Editor:

The recent BC Liberal speech from the throne closes with the words; “….submitted with humility and openness to change”. Many people heard, “…. submitted with desperation and reluctance.”

After campaigning ruthlessly against the BC NDP, claiming that all of the core promises like investing in childcare, eliminating bridge tolls and eliminating MSP premiums were too expensive, and flatly denying to ban corporate and union donations and work towards electoral reform ­ suddenly on the brink of losing a confidence vote ­ Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have completely changed their tune.

Is the sudden shift in political policy because of some kind of learning/realization from the election, or is it a desperate attempt to cling to power on the guise and ironic suggestion of “stability?”?

Actions speak louder than words. For 16 years the BC Liberals have put corporate interests ahead of regular people, for 16 years the wealthy and well connected have had their government, the environment has been neglected, and small rural communities have suffered. Despite the nice words in the speech from the throne, can we trust Christy Clark and the BC Liberals to suddenly care about regular people and to deliver on what they have refused to deliver for 16 years?

During the recent campaign in Columbia River Revelstoke, Mr. Clovechok promised this region a “voice in government”, he promised lots of funding and grants, and he criticized the previous MLA for not accomplishing more. Let us view Christy Clark, and the temporary ‘parliamentary sectary to the Premier’ (and biggest Christy Clark fan-club member) Mr. Clovechok – not by what they say, but by what they do.

Gerry Taft
Former BC NDP Candidate
Current Invermere Mayor


  1. Politicians ..doesn’t matter what stripe they have on arm..are all he same..what ever happened to leaders..I haven’t seen one in years..promise this and that..and we tax payers sit there with our mouths open and agree..and then someone else says something..and jump on that boat.

    Once election is over..the losers all get together and cry..and spend more time on how to defeat the winner..we are paying them to help run the government..not try to cut down the government on every turn..

    I will say this though..very disappointing that she says she will be putting some of NDP ideas to we go again for you in BC..up go the taxes..taking the tolls off bridges..this is just for the Vancouver people..people in Revelstoke will be helping with that..hows that feel..bad enough we are getting gouged for gas..and now lets add toll charges too..

    So do your duty and vote them tired of you and Greens fighting over who is boss..and so are most of citizens..

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