Mayor Report With Mark McKee: February 16th, 2018.

Mayor McKee discusses the recent snow removal debacle as well as the budget for this years snow removal and where we are at with it, brief discussion on the 4.5% tax increase (suggested) and the open mic on Tuesday for the community to come out and share their concerns or ask questions.

Also, a deep discussion about being able to purchase a roll of the dog bags City have placed throughout the green belt.


  1. Re snow removal rational
    1 Its not spending directly its how its spent

    2 Its not a lack of epuipment or operator expertice

    3 its all about lack of clear consistant direction from management who I do not hesitate to state lacks experience and a solid backround in maintenance.
    To state you did not respond on those embarrassing weekends to save money is a glaring example of lack of experience.
    It makes no sense to save 50 grand and turn around and spend 100 grand to fight your way back to where you started. Flawed logic equals wasted money and frustrated taxpayers