Avalanche Canada Launches A New Mobile App

Avalanche Canada recently released a new, updated mobile app, and it’s ready to be download. There have been several improvements made, and if the old app is on your device, the new app should replace it.

The news release site for the group notes the new app offers “easier access to the daily regional forecasts and avalanche advisories, hourly weather data from over 80 remote weather stations, instant access to all submissions posted on our Mountain Information Network.”

Users are also able to quickly submit their own avalanche, weather and snowpack observations to the Mountain Information Network in addition to receiving instant notification of all Special Public Avalanche Warnings.

The app will be undoubtedly useful for many Revelstoke residents who enjoy the backcountry with both sleds and skis.

To download the new app, visit https://www.avalanche.ca/news/new-app

Karl and Will, the mobile app developers at Avalanche Canada.

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