Big Eddy Elementary Lots Update

-Revelstoke Board of Education

Big Eddy Elementary School

We are providing this update to confirm that we are still awaiting final subdivision approval from the city.
All requirements to complete the subdivision file have been submitted to the city. As soon as that
approval is issued, we will communicate information regarding the Board’s realtor, and we will begin the
sale of the lots (see attached Subdivision Plan). We appreciate the ongoing patience of all those who
have expressed an interest in the property.

For those who may not already be aware, the property has been rezoned to R2A Special Low Density
Residential (requiring a minimum lot area of 1,700 square metres and lot width of 25 metres). This
zoning will facilitate uses including single or two-family dwellings as well as home occupations,
accessory buildings and bed & breakfast businesses. Each of the seven lots proposed will have an
area of 1,940 square metres with 28.59 metres of frontage along Begbie Road.


The Board made a decision to use the services of a Realtor with a MLS approach. The selected realtor
and the information regarding the sale of the lots will be provided when the city issues final subdivision


Our timelines have shifted substantially. We have now updated the major milestones for this project.
Items in green have been completed while tasks in orange represent the next work to be undertaken by
the school district. The singular task in grey rests with the City.

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