Building Lots at the Big Eddy School Site Nearly Ready for Purchase

In 2002, the Big Eddy Elementary School closed its doors. Seventeen years later, lots will be available to purchase. School District 19 is waiting on final subdivision approvals from the City and indicates the lots will hit the real estate market in Feb. of 2019.

“For those expressing interest, who may not already be aware, the property has been rezoned to R2A Special Low Density Residential (requiring a minimum lot area of 1,700 square metres and lot width of 25 metres). This zoning will facilitate uses including single or two-family dwellings as well as home occupations, accessory buildings and bed & breakfast businesses. Each of the seven lots proposed will have an area of 1,940 square metres with 28.59 metres of frontage along Begbie Road,” says a press release from the school district.

The realtor selected to represent the lots, as well as sales information, will be made public once the final subdivisions have been approved.

The process to dispose of the site as lots started in 2012. Back in 2014, David Rooney published an article on the then stalled development –

“SD 19 Superintendent Mike Hooker told the Board of Trustees that nothing can be done with the property until the BEWD accomplishes three tasks:

  1. A study of its groundwater source and how it is impacted by surface water;
  2. Provide plans showing pipe replacements that have been done; and
  3. Development of a plan — and the funding necessary — for improvements that will need to be done on aging wells, its reservoir and the distribution system.

“Clearly there are issues… that may hold up any subdivision plans by any developer for months, or potentially years,” Hooker said in a report to the board during its monthly meeting on Friday, March 14. “Considering the undetermined nature of the issue with the Big Eddy Water Works, we have updated our timelines to show no projection for approval of the subdivision, or anticipated approach to disposition of the lots.”

He noted that the holdup is a result of questions to the City in December from the Interior Health Authority about the safety of the BEWD water supply and sewage percolation.”

In 2017, the Current once again reported on the delays in getting the lots ready for sale –

“With the City of Revelstoke inundated with construction permits throughout 2017, not only were contractors postponing work, the school district was also subject to the waiting period, therefore, the Preliminary Layout Approval that was submitted in in May of 2017, was backlogged. In June, the City requested a new subdivision application complete with the fees, in which the district complied only to be told that there would be a further waiting period of roughly two months.”

It is heartening that these highly sought after lots will now finally be available for purchase in just a few short week. Considering that inquires have continued for the past five years, it is likely the lots will sell quickly.

Big eddy lots

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