City of Revelstoke Increases Bike Parking in the Community

Revelstoke, B.C. – The City of Revelstoke is committed to making cycling an attractive and safe experience for residents and visitors of the community. We are excited to announce the expansion of the bicycle parking initiative throughout the downtown core. The implementation of bicycle facilities – including bicycle parking – can play a key role in promoting bicycle use as a means of achieving broader livability and sustainability goals, both of which are specified in
Council’s 2019 Strategic Priorities:

• Livability – to aspire to a high quality of life and a desirable and livable city for citizens and visitors; and

• Sustainability – to steward development in Revelstoke to satisfy the needs of the present with out adversely affecting the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. Since 2018, additional bike parking slots were installed in the following four locations:

• Second Street at Mackenzie Avenue (16 slots)

• Grizzly Plaza at First Street and Mackenzie Avenue (16 slots)

• First Street and Connaught Avenue (8 slots) and

• 200 block of First Street East (16 slots).

Some of these bike parking areas had no affect on vehicle parking while others utilized existing parking spaces. In order to make up for the parking spaces removed to accommodate the bike parking, the City will be changing the configuration of the parking in the First Street public parking lot to add an additional 3 individual parking spots.

Bicycle parking is required for all cyclists, regardless of whether they are commuting to work or school, going shopping or running errands, or enjoying a recreational outing. The City of Revelstoke is proud to have a combination of individual and grouped bike racks with 150 bike slots available in the downtown core (Garden Avenue to Macarthur Avenue between Victoria Road and Third Street), as well as at the Community Centre and City of Revelstoke owned playgrounds.

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