City of Revelstoke to Seek Input on New Official Community Plan

Revelstoke B.C. – In 2019, Revelstoke City Council adopted strategic priorities to guide their decision making.
Council priority one is about livability – to aspire to a high quality of life, and to be a desirable and livable city for all
citizens and visitors. The first action under strategic priority one is to update the Official Community Plan (OCP) to
articulate a current shared community vision, hear the voices of and engage the community.

Revelstoke’s OCP was last updated in 2009. OCP’s typically plan for 20-years, however, Revelstoke is an example of how a lot can change and evolve in that time. Since 2009, the population has grown and shifted, development interests are increasing, and affordability is becoming more challenging, hence the need for an updated OCP.

To do this, Council has directed City administration to engage with the community to ensure there is a vision in place that best represents the community today and into the future.

“We have seen a lot of change in the last several years and the time is right to revisit the OCP vision for our community. We are committed to engaging our citizens about the OCP vision check-in process and how to participate,” said Mayor Gary Sulz. “There will be several ways to participate, including in-person pop-up events and an online survey to ensure concerns and aspirations for the community are heard, and informed about the OCP vision.”

There are three distinct objectives to the OCP vision process:

1. Inform community members and the public about the OCP Vision Check In process and how they can participate.

2. Collaborate with stakeholder groups and the public using an appreciative inquiry approach to understand current community values related to the existing OCP vision.

3. Consult with stakeholder groups and the public on the options developed as a result of their input under Objective 2.

By March 2020, the Revelstoke City Council will consider the results of the public engagement process and outcomes for adoption. After the OCP vision has been reviewed and potentially amended (March 2020) administration will begin the process of reviewing OCP policies to ensure they align with the Vision.

What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a visioning document, the parameters of which are set out in British Columbia’s Local Government Act. Through a community process, an OCP articulates a community vision and defines the goals policies, land use designations and other guidelines to reach that Vision. Once adopted by bylaw, all future works, plans and regulations enacted by the City must be consistent with the OCP.

For more information on the City of Revelstoke’s OCP and how you can participate, visit:

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