City of Revelstoke Wants Your Feedback Regarding Proposed Budget and Financial Plan

The proposed 2020 budget, as well as the proposed long term financial plan the city hopes to embark on, are available for the public to review. If you have any feedback regarding either, you have until March 4th to offer feedback.

Based on the average Revelstoke home being valued at $495,000, the proposed property tax increase is pegged at 6 percent, or approximately $100 more per home owner annually. 1.5 percent of the increase is to buoy the reserve funds. Last years residential property owners saw their taxes increase 4.5 percent.

The proposed long term financial plan shows a suggested increases of 4.5 percent for 2021, 6 percent for 2022, and 4 percent in both 2023 and 2024

The controversial salary raise of the major and city council, which led to the resignation of councillor Steve Cross, has been removed from the 2020 proposed budget.

Both the 2020 proposed budget and the proposed long term financial plan look at each departments proposed projects and overall budget. It works as a guideline to demonstrate how the city manages its finances and operates its departments.

The 2020 proposed budget can be viewed here.

The long term proposed financial plan can be viewed here.

Section 166 of the Community Charter states that “A council must undertake a process of public consultation regarding the proposed financial plan before it is adopted.” Staff produce an annual “Your Guide to Budget 2020” (Guide) as the basis for public input/feedback in regards to the City’s draft budget and long-term financial plan.

Please provide your comments on the City’s 2020 Budget and 2020-2034 Long-Term Financial Plan to: by March 4, 2020 at 4:00 pm


in person at the Special Budget Consultation meeting scheduled for February 27th at 5:00 pm in Council Chambers located at Suite 102-103 Second Street East.

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