Community Choir Spring Concert Review 2019

By the Current’s Secret Reporter *

Spring has definitely sprung and I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in Spring than by attending the Community Choir Concert: “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb”. Their collection of songs kept you connected and enjoying each song from start to finish.

Starting early in the night with a Japanese song called “Hisakata (The Gentle Light of Spring)” with a light lilting flute by Jim Redding, followed shortly thereafter by a history lesson behind “Twenty-Three Camels” and comical lyrics, you quickly learned you were in for an entertaining evening.

The Children’s Choir, with the Community Choir as back up, really brought in a “Storm” and owned the stage. From singing, to clapping, to breaking into parts, it really showed all their hard work they’ve put in to their songs.

Also keeping us entertained in the first half were the Revelstoke Ukulele Band and Kolibri Drobish (who continued to entertain into the second half).

Coming back from intermission the Choir parted and placed Michael Newbury centre stage. The rich sound of the acoustic guitar immediately let you know you were in for a treat as the choir did a choral rendition of “Blackbird” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney arranged by A. Snyder.

“Lambscapes” showed, once again, that with a little twist on classical music the Choir is able to pull off a performance that pleases both the purists and those who might still be a kid at heart. I’ll echo what was called out during a pause in Chris Ball’s solo: “that was beautiful!” (said in a tongue-and-cheek fashion). As the audience clapped along to the final song, it became clear that their lyrics they were singing were true: everyone does have “A place in the Choir” in the Revelstoke Community Choir.

*The Secret Reporter is a Revelstokian who wishes to remain anonymous. Will they next strike at a show, restaurant or event? Who knows.

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