Community Foundation Gives In A Big Way

On Thursday April, 19th the Revelstoke Community Foundation gave back in a big way as many local Not-For-Profits and community minded initiatives were granted some well deserved (and needed) dollars to keep the programs running.

  • Revelstoke Railway Museum—-$2,100 for Technical Upgrades
  • Revelstoke Theatre Co. ———1,000 for NT Live Series
  • District Humane Society———$1,200 for Stainless steel Stackable Kennels
  • Screen Smart——————–$1,000 for 2018 Screen Smart Education
  • NCES—————————–$2,500 for 100 in 1 Day in Canada
  • Rev Folk Music——————-$1,000 for the Coffee House
  • Rev Arts Council—————–$1,750 for Family Series
  • Forestry Museum—————-$1,500 for Exhibit Deaccessioning
  • Women’s Shelter—————-$2,500 for Moving Forward
  • Visual Arts Society————–$500 for Fish Sculpture Bike Rack
  • Rev. Museum & Archives ——$2,000 Stories Beneath The Sea
  • Rev. Bear Aware Society——-$2,500 for Attractant Management Strategies
  • Com. Connections————–$4,000 for Food Bank
  • Com. Connections————–$2,000 for Summer Day Camp
  • C.B. Alliance for Literacy——-$2,000 for Family Literacy Program
  • C.B. Alliance for Literacy——-$1,140 for STEAM Program
  • Multicultural Society————$2,000 for Carousel of Nations
  • Hospice Society—————–$4,000 for Hospice Service & Events
  • City/Youth Advisory————$2,600 for Youth Access Outreach

The Revelstoke Community Foundation also recognized Kevin Lavelle as Tracy Spannier presented an honorary director certificate for his many years of service.


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