Election 2018 – Second Advance Poll A Success

The second and final day of advanced voting for the municipal elections ended Wednesday, October 17 2018 at 8pm.

Dawn Low, Director or Corporate Administration at the City of Revelstoke, says the day was a success.

“We had double the numbers of our first advanced poll, with a little over 600 people coming out to vote yesterday,” Low says. “The advanced poll usually comprises retirees, though a special mobile vehicle visit the hospital and seniors’ homes to ensure the residents have the opportunity to vote.”

Low expects a large turnout on Saturday, including the younger demographic that was underrepresented at the advance polls.

Voters have noticed that registration takes a take a little longer, however, an electronic tabulator which tallies votes is both fast and accurate.

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, voting is open at the Revelstoke Community Center from 8am-8pm.

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