Elections 2018 – Advanced Poll Numbers

Yesterday, October 10 2018, was the first advanced poll for the municipal elections. Voting took place at the Revelstoke Community Center from 8am-8pm.

The Revelstoke Current reached out to Dawn Lowe, Director of Corporate Administration, to find out how the first day of voting went.

“We had about 300 people come and vote,” says Lowe. “It was a little lower than we were expecting, but this is a large election where residents are voting on the Columbia Shuswap Regional Director (CSRD) for area B, the city councillors, the mayor, and the school trustees. I imagine most people are still considering their options.”

Residents who live outside of city limits and do not own property within city limits, while unable to vote for council or mayor, are encouraged to vote for the CSRD and school trustees.

Lowe explains that there are about 5,600 registered voters in Revelstoke and traditionally, voter turnout ranges from 40-50%. The last advanced poll is Wednesday, October 17 from 8am-8pm before the voting day Saturday, October 20. If you’re eager to skip the lines, try to make it out for the final advanced poll. Polls are located at the Revelstoke Community Center.

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