Fiction – refresh the connotation

refresh the connotation


Isla Grier 


i see you there angels

in front of my eyes

in every day sights

a clever disguise


i see you in tree tops

in winds, in the rain

i see you through joy

you see me through pain


i know you sweet angels

why change your name?

you’re the still of the morning

the heat of the flame


you’re in sons and daughters

wild hearts as they flee

like the rush of the waters

that flow to the sea


you’re the blood in my veins

the beat of my heart

i know in my soul

of this whole i am part


i see you there angels

here you are now

you’re guiding my fingers

like the plowman the plow


you are the giving

the simple, the clear

the peace of contentment

the freedom from fear


you come in through windows

the light through the glass

you are the sunset

and each blade of grass


i see you dear angels

within my plainview

i see you in laughter

where you see me too


you’re there in each heart race

in passion, in lust

In each loss embraced

as this process i trust


i love you dear angels

my life is in you

ensuring my safety

through all that I do


before birth, beyond death

within mine walk your feet

You’re every breath

and each word that I speak


you are my smile

my poetry’s peace

you’re there as my thoughts

so my thoughts never cease


in future and history

where you belong

within every victory

and sound of each song


you’re within me sweet angels

and I within you

together revealing the just and the true


like gemstones and diamonds

a love beyond time

you come through the silence

and bells when they chime


with the limbless you walk

leaving no one behind

to the deaf you can talk

and be seen by the blind


you’re the orchid that blooms

on my window sill

in the fog, though it glooms

is you’re brilliance still


you’re a spark in the darkness

the contrast between

you’re there regardless

if sometimes not seen


you I see in all

my response and my plea

you’re the chill of the fall

you’re the windward, the lee


you’re in all that i love

like the waves on the shore

you’re the clouds up above

you’re the rich and the poor


you’re the feelings of ecstasy

deep in lovers eyes

through despair you stand next to me

as my broken heart cries


i see you dear angels

in naive and wise

you’re no thing and each thing

yes, clever disguise

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