Fourth and Edwards – What Was With Those Pylons?

The intersection of Fourth and Edwards near Southside Market is well known around town. Drivers turning left are frequently passed on the inside by those going straight, pedestrians have been hit, and there have been many close calls.

Revelstokians have likely noticed the temporary pylon delineators that have narrowed the intersection the past few weeks and were removed today. It turns out these pylons are part of a city project. In an effort to calm traffic, the city and Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) reviewed the layout prior to installation to ensure the intersection was corrected in the most effective way.

“The intended purpose was to slow traffic down and stop vehicles from passing on the crosswalk when it was occupied by a pedestrian,” says Darren Komonoski, Operations Manager of the city’s Public Works department. “There have been some incidents in the past and traffic is only increasing.”

“We hope to receive grant funding from ICBC in the next two to three years. If construction is permitted this will allow us to build concrete mountable and non-mountable islands. The City of Revelstoke and ICBC are confident that a traffic calming and pedestrian island in the intersection will greatly improve the intersection and neighbouring area,” Komonoski says.

Komonoski notes the project has been successful and that there were no incidents during the six weeks that the project has been in place.

Though the pylons will not be reinstalled in the spring, remember, it is illegal to pass on the inside when traffic is stopped for pedestrians or left hand turns.

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