Impaired Driving statistics in Revelstoke for March 2019

by Staff Sergeant Kurt Grabinsky

The Revelstoke RCMP continued to be busy addressing safety concerns that exist when drivers are operating motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol. The recent legislation change which allows the demand of breath samples from drivers without driving evidence was not even utilized in the month of March in Revelstoke, and yet high numbers of drunk drivers were still identified.

In March the Revelstoke RCMP issued:
5 – Ninety day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRPs) to drivers.
9 – Three day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRPs).
3 – Twenty four hour driving suspensions.

A 3 day IRP results in 3 day vehicle impound, $200 monetary penalty and 3 day driving prohibition. A 90 day IRP yields a 90 day driving prohibition, 30 day vehicle impoundment, $500 monetary penalty and mandatory referral to remedial programs.

Efforts will continue to address these types of actions including more driving check stops, and investigations into both alcohol and drug impairment.

See the link below for more information on the Immediate Roadside Prohibition program:

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