Letter to the Editor – Two loaves of Bread isn’t enough for my Family

Dear Editor,

Yesterday, I went to Save-on-Foods and Southside Market and in both places, there were limits on how many items I could buy. And I get it, I do. Stockpiling items is despicable, especially in our town, where I like to think we take care of each other. But limiting to the extent we are seeing feels unfair. Two loaves of bread doesn’t get my family through a week at the best of times.

I have three teenagers. Three. There are five of us in my household, and I can buy two loaves of bread. If we’re having sandwiches for lunch, that’s one loaf gone in a day. Not to sound like a ranting old grump, but my neighbours are a group of six young people, with no dependants. So, for my family of five, I can get two loaves. But down the road, there’s twelve loaves for six people. Hardly seems fair. My kids are customers, even if I’m paying. Not to mention those neighbours have people over daily, and are more and more likely to be transmitting the virus at places like the store.

My family doesn’t want to get COVID-19 (the thought of my asthmatic kid getting it stresses me out) and I don’t want to spread it if I have it. I’d like to be much more socially isolated, but I can’t when I have to go get groceries multiple times a week. I have pasta and sauce sure, but milk and bread and even flour I need more regularly…

First world problems, I know. I’m thinking of picking up four loaves next time I go in, and just paying in two batches like I was shopping for someone else. Maybe we could just allow for some leeway just some of the time, a little understanding? Not for someone filling up a cart of toilet paper or emptying shelves, but just families on a budget trying to be safe in trying times while eating as healthily as possible.

From, a concerned parent

(Letter has been edited for brevity)

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