Lindsay Jakus of MountainSide Healing ready to help you get sober in a ski town

It’s easy to think of an addict as someone with an obvious problem, but using alcohol or drugs as a crutch or coping method is far more prominent than many believe. From the needing-a-couple-of-glasses-of-wine-at-night ‘mom’ culture to ski hill party culture, Revelstoke sees it all.

“People who indulge in drugs and alcohol in this town are a dime a dozen,” says Revelstoke resident Lindsay Jakus. “I think it’s spurred by a work hard, play hard, party hard mentality.”

Jakus knows the struggle, and she started MountainSide Healing to be a part of the solution.

“I knew most of my drinking career that something wasn’t right,” explains Jakus. “I blacked out almost every time I drank. Most often I wouldn’t remember what I did, which is very unnerving.”

Jakus is young and vibrant, articulate and clever, and has been sober for eight years. In those eight years, she built a life she doesn’t believe would be possible if she were drinking. It includes a healthy relationship with herself, a young daughter, and the ability to participate in her passions, such as riding horses, boarding at the hill and backcountry sledding.

To top it off, Jakus recently completed her Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist certificate.

“I like to consider myself a ‘sober liaison’,” she says. “My services would be useful in conjunction with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or as an alternative for those amazing programs.”

Both AA and NA are locally available. AA, Jakus points out, was a vital part of her own recovery. “I definitely appreciate the relationships I have been able to form with some old timers in the programs,” she says.

Unlike AA or NA, Jakus offers a personalized program at a cost, though she does work with a sliding scale to ensure those who are committed to recovery can participate.

“Sometimes, people are new to recovery or haven’t decided they are an addict yet,” she explains. “By the time they go to AA, NA or me, they realize they need to make a change. My drug and alcohol intake sessions are focused on discussions, questions, and understanding.”

Jakus is quick to point out that being a sober liaison is not the same as being a certified counselor or therapist. Like AA or NA, seaking out clinical help in addition to Jakus’ services can only benefit the person’s recovery.

“I don’t for a second think I am one (a counselor or therapist),” she says. “I am a specialist who helps people with addiction find a road to recovery. I can speak from a place of experience as a recovering alcoholic myself, and that offers relatability to my clients, which is powerful in the healing process.”

“Addiction is a terrible disease that plagues a lot of people,” she explains. “Knowing you share a common peril often helps people be brave enough to walk the road of recovery.”

Jakus works out of the FeelGood Collective in downtown Revelstoke, where she is also an energy work practitioner specializing in energetic alignment.

“The body is an energetic being,” she says. “Getting it into balance can help us in so many ways.”

Her energy sessions are a separate entity and not part of her work as a sober liaison/drug and alcohol treatment with those aiming to get sober. The two can sometimes go together, depending on the clients interest in energetic healing and where they are at in their recovery.

Jakus is clearly passionate about helping those ready to tackle sobriety. If you’re interested in reaching out, you can get in touch with Jakus through her Facebook page, MountainSide Healing.

“I’m happy to answer any questions with everything being completely confidential,” she says.

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