Local Businesses Collaborate on a Draw to Recognize A Deserving Mom

Chances are you can think of a mom, or five, in town who put themselves last- always ensuring the needs of their family come before their own. Now is your chance to enter them in a draw to win big at Universal Footwear and Birch and Lace.

The two local businesses have collaborated to celebrate the deserving moms in town.

“The whole thing started because we had a kid born on Christmas Eve, and since becoming a part of the parent community in town I’ve noticed a couple of things,” says Jordan Bott of Universal Footwear. “People can be pretty judgemental instead of appreciative when it comes to new parents, especially mothers. I think a lot of the time it comes from insecurity. Comments are made about your choice of stroller or what brands you do or don’t buy.”

After talking with his wife Chandra, the two decided to try a more positive approach.

“We wanted to recognize mothers for how hard they work, regardless of where they shop and what they purchase. A lot of the time moms come in and they buy their kids boots. Maybe then dad needs new work boots and they get those. The mom, meanwhile, doesn’t get anything. It’s a reality but it’s not really fair,” he says.

The couple approached Sara Sanson from Birch and Lace to see if they wanted to come on board. Sara jumped at the chance, and threw a $100 gift certificate into the mix. “When Jordan and Chandra approached me, it was an easy choice to support the promotion. One of our main mandates is community, so it is a good fit,” explains Sarah. The gift certificate can be used towards a cut, colour, product, manicures, or any other service offered in the salon.

Jordan and Chandra want the winning mom to get whatever she wants at Universal Footwear, whether it’s useful winter boot or a pair of stylish heels.

“The winner of the draw can pick whatever she wants, with the only stipulation being that it is for her,” he says. When asked about a price limit, Jordan shrugs. “I mean, if she picks a pair of $500 mountaineering boots for work, she may have to sell me on that. But if she wants them so she can go and get out there in the mountains, by herself or with her family, then I’m in.”

Anyone can go into Universal Footwear and write down one or more names and enter them into the contest. “We’ve had women in here who saw the box and wrote a dozen names of moms in the community who they feel deserve to win,” he says.

Jordan is debating printing up the names of all the nominees, so that the parent community in Revelstoke can see just how many mothers in town deserve some recognition.

The draw is open until December 1st, with the draw date still to be determined, but likely around December 15th.

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