MP Wayne Stetski Spends Thanksgiving Sunday Canvassing Revelstoke

The rain is drizzling down and while many a Revelstokian is prepping their Thanksgiving dinner, Revelstoke’s current NDP MP Wayne Stetski, and his crew, hit the town with umbrellas in hand.

Stetski, the only candidate in the riding to be endorsed by GreenPAC (a non-partisan, non-profit organization working to elect and support environmental leaders of all major parties running for office), and he’s hoping to sway Green and Liberal voters to mark the NDP on their ballot this election.

Current polling indicates the Conservative candidate Rob Morrison in the lead with 36% of the vote, and Stetski close behind with 31%. All other parties have significantly lower estimated votes. This means, Stetski notes, the Conservative party can win this riding with a small amount of votes, despite the majority of voters hoping for a more progressive representative.

In this riding, very vote counts. During the 2015 election, Stetski won by 285 votes.

“I tell people that if they are progressive voters, I want them beside me,” says Stetski.

The issue of needing to vote strategically is something Stetski has been vocal about; he is a strong proponent of proportional representation.

As for canvassing on Thanksgiving Sunday? “Everyone has been really positive,” says Stetski. “It’s always nice to be in Revelstoke, and I hope to see plenty of orange around town, in both pumpkins and signs.”




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