NCES Volunteers Pick Up 460 lbs of Garbage Around Revelstoke in One Day

What kind of difference can 30 volunteers make? Nearly a quarter ton of it, when it comes to garbage clean up.
Saturday, April 13 2019, volunteers with North Columbia Environmental Society (NCES) went to work picking garbage that has been littered around town over the course of the winter. They focused their efforts in three areas.
1) Around the greenbelt and bridge in the Big Eddy
2)Nichol Road from Airport Way to Camozzi in Arrow Heights
3) The Columbia river greenbelt from the Revelstoke Community Centre to Kovach Park. A couple of people headed to the river to collect over 25lbs of broken glass.
In all, over 460 lbs of garbage was collected today.
This is the third community clean up The NCES has organized. It has been the best attended and most successful of the clean ups, far exceeding expectations, despite the rain. In past clean ups, the maximum amount of waste collected came in at 80 lbs, compared with today’s 460 lbs.
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