New Exhibits at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre are a thing of Beauty

Last night, May 3, the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre (RVAC) revealed to the public a variety of quality works with the opening reception of their latest art exhibit.

The main gallery held the whimsical and evocative works of Lesley Mayfield’s exhibit ‘Beings and Energy.’ Mayfield’s works are technically quilts, consisting of three layers connected by stitching. The top layer, the image displayed, is made from small pieces of cloth joined together with seams, applique elements sewn onto a base, painting, as well as beading and embroidery. Her works are detailed and layered, revealing more the longer you look.

Mayfield, who refers to herself as a ‘fabric wrangler’ notes that a lot of the materials utilized are upcycled and that the final product is sturdy and stable, and can even be washed if the need ever arises.

The side galleries held a variety of beautiful and varied works in various mediums from Gabrielle Clarke – ‘The Soft, the Small and the Sensitive,’ the Golden Girls – ‘Current Works’ and the Fierce Art Project – ‘My Creative Space.’

Some  of the local artists displaying their works include Peter Blackmore, Susan Lind, Catherine Craig, Haley Stewart, Tracy MacFarlane and Jo C. Willems.

The show is, without a doubt, worth viewing and is open until May 24th 2019. The gallery is open from 12 – 4 PM, Tuesday to Saturday.

Lesley worked off a photograph of her face for this work.

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