New Store The Sugar Shack Puts Candy Front and Centre in Downtown Revelstoke

If confectionery, ice cream, or even a good latte, is up your alley, the Sugar Shack is for you. Newly opened, the unique heritage home location has been beautifully renovated by Sugar Shack owner Amy Orlando. Open and bright, the long wall is lined with candy. There is a coffee and ice cream bar, a window bar and a small seating nook. The interior is a blend of mountain and island, which speaks to Orlando’s history.

“I spend my summers living on Savary Island,” she says. “And for the past three years, my winters in Revelstoke.”

The Revelstoke location is Orlando’s second Sugar Shack. The first was on Savary, where Orlando showed her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age.

“I was eighteen when I opened that location,” she explains. “I used a part of my dad’s tool shed so there was very little overhead and, before I had suppliers, I just went to Costco and bought a bunch of candy.”

Run seasonally in the summer between university terms and then for several years after, the Sugar Shack grew into a successful business venture.

“Candy is just lighthearted. People come in and, whatever their age, they are excited by candy,” she says. “I feel like customer satisfaction is high.”

“I’m really excited to be opening this location,” she says. “I have staff to run my summer season in Savary, and in Revelstoke I will be open year round.”

Orlando’s Revelstoke location is new, the feedback has been positive, and plenty of people have tried out the candy. The treats are sold by weight, so clients can mix and match their candies and pay at the till. There is a solid variety, from gobstoppers to liquorice, sour candies to salt water candy and everything in between. There is room for the business to grow; Orlando plans to knock down the fence along the sidewalk and open a patio in the garden come summer.

I headed into the store, kids in tow, to check out the wares. While the boys picked their candies, I ordered an ice cream sundae (with several spoons.) For the next fifteen minutes, my children happily chowed down on their selection of gummies and sour candies while periodically grabbing a spoon and diving into the cookie/chocolate sauce/sprinkle covered ice cream. Fully committing to hyper children, I let my eldest order a scoop of his own ice cream. He then proceeded to quiz Orlando over her candy selection and learned there were both sugar and gelatin free candies to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a nice cup of coffee or a delectable indulgence, head on over to the Sugar Shack and check it out for yourself.

A wall of candy

Coffee anyone?


Choosing candy

Sugar Shack

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