Paramjit’s Kitchen ready to wow you

Goldie Sanghera had thought about expanding her popular restaurant, Paramjit’s Kitchen (known affectionately as Pam’s Kitchen around town) for a while. When the retailer in the adjoining space left, Goldie seized her chance.

With the renovation complete and the restaurant open, seating capacity has grown to accommodate 63 people (along with a much larger kitchen). There are numerous tables, as well as a window seating bar, and acquiring a liquor license is in the restaurants’ near future. The space is bright and spacious and modern.

“I had a really nice project manager, Eveline Elmer, who helped bring it all together,” explains Goldie. “I told her what I was looking for, and she did it, as well as brought her own ideas and touches to it as well.”

The aesthetic is clean and white with some natural wood touches, it’s clear the duo has achieved their vision.

The walls are decorated with several bright art pieces, a nice contrast to the minimalistic decor.

“They are actually pieces of gypsy clothing I picked up the last time I was in Jaipur,” says Goldie.

The sign outside, which reads Indian and German Cuisine, has long had people curious about how and why the two very different menus fit together.

“They fit really well,” says Goldie. “People love the Butter Chicken Schnitzel.”

As for the why, if you know Goldie, the combo, as well as other global additions on the menu, makes perfect sense. Born in India but raised in Austria, Goldie became a chef in Austria while enjoying Indian food at home. Prior to starting Parjimit’s Kitchen, she cooked French food for seventeen years. She speaks Punjabi, Hindi, English, German, and French.

The menu also caters to those with dietary restrictions. There are options for vegans, vegetarians, and those with gluten free or dairy free diets.

“I hope people come and check it out,” says Goldie.

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