Revelstoke Bylaw Enforcement to focus on Animal Control/Compliance

For the next few weeks, the Bylaw Enforcement Department will be conducting an animal control compliance campaign.

While there are many examples of responsible dog owners in Revelstoke, there has been a growing number of social media complaints about off leash dogs in on leash areas of town and dog owners neglecting to pick up after their dogs. Even dog owners whose own pets are not approachable while on leash, or are not able to go off leash, have commented.

Part of the campaign will include Bylaw patrols of dog walking routes.

The Bylaw Enforcement Department’s campaign will include a series of regular posts. These posts will include reminders and tips for your pets.

The first part of the campaign is comprised of an informational post to kick things off is about “Off Leash Dogs and At Large Dogs.”

The post is as follows – Dog owners must have their pet(s) on a leash (no longer than 2 meters long) when off their owners’ property unless when in a designated off leash area.

Owners must ensure that dogs are under control at all times. Please remember that dogs tied up on Public Property are not considered under your control and are subject to fines for dogs at large in the amount of $200.00.

Follow this link to view the off leash areas map:

Follow this link to view other helpful tips and information:

Or this link to view the pets and public places brochure:…/View/2291/Dog-Brochure…

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