Revelstoke Canada Post Back On Rotating 24 Hour Strike

Revelstoke’s Canada Post Office is taking its turn in the latest of CUPW’s rotating 24 hour strikes, thirteen days since their last closure.

While the mailboxes are accessible if residents haven’t checked their mail since yesterday, staff would be appreciative of people respecting their picket line and not crossing it into the building. The office is closed, with parcel/letter pick up and shipping unavailable.

Todays mail was not delivered to the depot at Revelstoke Family Pharmacy and will not be available for pick up there. As employees there are hired on contract, the depot can still accept Parcels and mail, though it will not be mailed out of the facility until the strike rotation is completed.

It is likely the strikes will continue across the country throughout the holiday season, and promptly sending of any packages and letters is the best way to ensure delivery by Christmas.

CUPW President Mike Palecek has previously stated the strike is due to the inability to come to an agreement on issues of improved health and safety measure, gender pay equality, job security and an end to force overtime.

Revelstoke CUPW employees on rotating 24hour strike

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