Revelstoke for Refugees

Revelstoke for Refugees Sponsored Family – The Alsowwans to Arrive in Three Weeks

Revelstoke for Refugees has put a call out to the community in the hopes of finding housing for the Alsowwan family, set to arrive in Revelstoke on January 22nd.

“After all this waiting we are finally able to welcome the Alsowwan family to Revelstoke,” says the society. “Our first challenge is to find an affordable place for them, ideally downtown so they can walk to places.”

The Alsowwans are a family of four and the society is looking for a home with a minimum of two bedrooms.

“If you know of anything that might be available please let us know. We have budgeted for rent, but of course we want to find a sustainable rent that the family can afford after. Even if a place is available for a few months (until the skiers leave) it would be helpful to know about it.”

In addition to affordable housing, if you are interested in helping the family acclimatize to a new culture, including English tutoring, please let the society know. They can be contacted via the facebook page: Revelstoke for Refugees.

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