Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store no longer accepting various child/baby related Donations

A change in insurance coverage has hit thrift stores across the province, and the Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store is no exception.

It stems from policy changes in the underwriter for North American commercial insurance, Lloyd’s of London. Between high volume of claims involving child gear and recalled items. The ban includes any items that children play on or sleep in.

The local thrift store put out a notice on social media detailing what it could or could not accept or sell. These items include cribs, car seats and booster seats, travel beds, swings/saucers, ride on toys, jolly jumpers, and tables and chairs.

Thrift stores in other locations are concerned over the cost of dumping the now banned items, of the waste the items will produce, the financial stability of the stores, and most importantly, the lack of items available to families who would not be able to afford them otherwise.

The post goes on to note that questions or concerns can be directed to the Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store at (250) 837-5052 or visit the website.

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