Revelstoke Search and Rescue Rescue Two Skiers

In what is proving to be a busy winter for the Revelstoke Search and Rescue, two skiers suffered non life threatening injuries after being air lifted to Queen Victoria Hospital.

The pair had been involved in an avalanche outside of Revelstoke Mountain Resort boundaries.

A press release from the Revelstoke RCMP detachment notes one of the two were able to call the RCMP for help. In turn the RCMP notified Revelstoke Search and Rescue.

Avalanche Canada notes the area in question is a moderate with persistent slabs. “The recent snow continues to be touchy to human triggers, especially where a more cohesive slab exists above the weak interface. Areas that may catch you by surprise are open slopes, cutblocks and gullies at treeline and below,” the site warns.

The skiers were able to give their location, but RCMP have previously reminded backcountry users to be prepared to spend the night outside. They also recommend having the avalanche safety training level one and that hiring a guide is a reasonable course of action when in the backcountry.

Avalanche Canada is an invaluable resource with mobile apps for ease of use. It can be downloaded here

Have fun and play safe out there.

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