Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre Exhibit Art in the Park and Glacier Adventure Stewardship Program Opening Friday

Sarah Windsor, Executive Director of the The Revelstoke Visual Arts Society, is inviting the community to the opening reception for Art in the Park and the Glacier Adventure Stewardship Program (GASP) exhibits. The event is being held at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Center Friday 26 October from 6-9pm. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

The Art in the Park program has been offered annually since 2008, when Parks Canada collaborated with the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society. In the program select artists are given special access to Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks. This year, eleven artists were chosen to participate. 

“Each artist involved is so unique in style and medium that it truly offers an awe-inspiring experience for the viewer,” says Windsor.

In addition to the art, several journals the artists kept during their trip will be displayed.

“Some of the journals have written entries and some have sketches,” says Windsor. “Several artists supplied interactive supporting documents. For example, Leslie Savage created a quilt made up of plant species, and she provided a key.”

Windsor is thrilled with the art and the extras that will be at the exhibit. “It’s wonderful to help share the amazing experience of our national parks through the eyes of the artists. I think it really gives viewers a more in depth look into how the artists felt and what they experienced. You understand how connected they became to their environment over the days of the trip and how much impact it had on their work,” she says. 

Also featured in the exhibit will be photography from the GASP program, run by the North Columbia Environment Society, Parks Canada, the Alpine Club of Canada and the Revelstoke Visual Arts Center. The program is geared to local youth in grades ten and eleven. 

“The GASP students produced some beautiful images of the landscapes they explored.  From stunning vistas to more abstract pieces, their photography reflects the beautiful surroundings they were immersed in,” says Windsor.

Amy Clarke, Public Outreach and Education Officer for Parks Canada believes the two programs create a bond between Canadians and the incredible nature they are surrounded by.

“The Art in the Park and GASP Photography exhibits are such an amazing way to showcase our national parks, and the programs that take place there, to our community and beyond. These programs are instrumental in connecting Canadians and youth to our protected spaces, and every year I’m excited to share the unique artwork that the participants create,” she says.

The Art in the Park and GASP exhibits will run from Friday, October 26 – Friday, November 16, 2018.   Gallery hours are Tues-Sat, 12-4pm.

*These exhibitions are made possible through our proud partnerships with Parks Canada, North Columbia Environmental Society (NCES), and Alpine Club of Canada. 

*Photograph by Amy Schulz

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