Revelstoke Women Nominated in the Kootenay Business Magazine Influential Women In Business Awards

By Candice Rohde

Last month, nominees for the eighth annual Kootenay Business Magazine Influential Women in Business, sponsored by Scotiabank, were announced.

There were several winners from various regions.

Four women from Revelstoke received nominations.

Amiee Schalles, a barrister and solicitor at Mackenzie Peak Law Group received a glowing nomination for the Kootenay Business Award. She was noted at being ‘innovative, hard working and an asset to the Revelstoke community.”

The nomination goes on to note Schalles took the helm of Mackenzie Peak Law Group and is credited with being a passionate, respectful advocate and role model.

“This was my first time being nominated for this award. I was touched: it always feels nice to have someone think you’re doing a great job,” says Schalles of the nomination. “I didn’t k

Kootenay Business Influential Women in Business nominees (R-L) Aimee Schalles, L’Teara Dawson, Imogen Whale

now at first who nominated me, but my friend and former colleague Robyn Goldsmith later told me that she made the nomination.”

“We have been working really hard at trying to make our law firm more accessible and modern. We’ve spent a lot of

time over the last year developing and implementing a strategic plan, and have a few exciting new products that we’re just about ready to launch,” she says. “One of them is our Counsel on Call service:, which uses an innovative pricing structure and technology to ensure that small businesses have the support they need to grow. We’re keenly interested in deepening our relationships with our clients so that they feel supported all the time, and not just when a problem arises.”  

In business, it’s nice to get a reminder that the work being done is appreciated and valued.

“Positive feedback certainly inspires me to continue to work towards our goals,” she says.

Revelstoke stylist and salon owner L’Teara Dawson of Pure Image Salon was nominated for being an inspiration within her industry. “She is a selfless business owner who gives to the community,” her nomination reads.

Dawson is shy to take the compliment, noting that her business is successful because of the team she has in place. “My staff is so great,” she says. “We really want Pure Image to be a place where clients can feel comfortable and hang out and chat.”

Pure Image is known for its diverse clientele, something Dawson has worked hard for. Still, being nominated was an exciting experience.

“I was really surprised, it was kind of surreal. Later, when I was telling my husband about it and saying it out loud, it felt really good,” says Dawson. “It does make me feel inspired to keep improving my business.”

With three children and a business, you won’t find Dawson online often, and after receiving her nomination, she had to Google what exactly Kootenay Business was. “I had never heard of it, so I researched it. Between by business and my family, I’m really busy and don’t really focus on much else,” she laughs.

Meghan Tabor, the marketing director for Tourism Revelstoke, was also nominated. Although Tabor was not available to comment, her nomination recognizes her hard work marketing and facilitating the development of the all season resort community of Revelstoke.

“She leads her team’s work with local stakeholders by facilitating and promoting high quality visitor experiences that embrace the authenticity of her community,” her nomination reads.

Revelstoke’s final nomination was for the Revelstoke Current’s own Imogen Whale.

“When I received an email notifying me of my nomination, I was pretty thrilled,” she says. “I love the Revelstoke Current and taking it on has been a real gift, so it was nice to think the site resonates with other people as well.”

Though Whale was not able to make it to the awards ceremony, she ended up winning an Influential Women in Business award.


“That was a surprise!” says Whale. “I’m very grateful to Kootenay Business. I feel so inspired to nominate Revelstoke business women for next year.”

Congratulations to all the nominees!

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