Revelstoke youths apparel business HNY-BDR is on its way up

The Honey Badger. Infamous for its ferocity, this African mammal is known to attack fearlessly and fend off apex predators including lions.

“I had a coach about three years ago who used the term to defend your end – relentlessly like a honey badger would,” explains Grizzly player Matt Cadden. “I write the abbreviation on my stick after every time I tape it.”

Matt is the co-creator of HMY-BDR, a local clothing company, with his sister Veronica, a Grade 12 student at Revelstoke Secondary School.

The concept for HNY-BDR was born a year ago.

“We put our heads together this time last year about what we could do with the HNY-BDR saying,” Veronica explains. “We started designing our logo and figuring it out, and we thought to put it on a hoodie. All our friends wanted one and it grew from there.”

With their parents ready to get behind their idea and help whenever necessary, Veronica and Matt got to work.

In the six months since their first order was received, reception to HNY-BDR has been enormous.

“Our first order was for 70 items,” explains Veronica. “Every order since has doubled, and in a few days our fourth order of 500 items will be available.”

Veronica and Matt anticipate selling out for Christmas. Customers have come in every age demographic and orders have been shipped throughout Western Canada and into Ontario.

Available for purchase from Veronica and Matt’s website, HNY-BDR offers hoodies, crew sweaters, toques and hats printed by Integrated Apparel.

The young entrepreneurs are doing their best to keep it local and authentic. In addition to being printed locally, Grade 12 student Alexi Mostert is the company photographer. Local models showcase the clothing and promote the brand.

Revelstoke locals can score a significant discount.

“If you contact us through any of our social media, we can deliver and you pay local rates,” says Matt. (Instagram handle )

The success of HNY-BDR has sparked passion in Veronica and Matt. Both plan to pursue business at university, and hope to grow HNY-BDR into careers.

“We want to do it for the rest of our lives,” says Matt.

Veronica recently attended a trade show in West Kelowna, where she showcased the fashion line, dressing it up with heels, dress pants and a turtle neck.

“I wanted to show HNY-BDR could be worn multiple ways,” she explains.

Just a few days ago, Veronica and Matt were invited to participate at Fashion Week in Vancouver. They plan to showcase all of their current styles on the runway and demonstrate how they can be dressed up or down.

The entire experience has been an incredible one, Matt and Veronica say.

“We are so thankful for all the local support, it’s because of it that we’re here as a business today.”

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