Southside Market Offering a Morning Hour of Shopping for the Elderly and Immune Compromised

In the wake of COVID-19 and the social distancing the community is practicing, Southside Market has stepped up, encouraging regular shoppers to come after 9 am, with the hour beforehand dedicated to elderly or immune compromised patrons. The grocery store posted the news on their Facebook page.

“Please do your shopping AFTER 9am. The first hour of shopping at Southside Market (8am) is best for the elderly and immune compromised, who have the highest risk of COVID-19 being fatal to them.

This decision comes after finally seeing one of our regulars in store yesterday. He hasn’t been able to come in for weeks after being hospitalized. It was so so nice to seen him out and about again! But it was also upsetting that he has to risk coming in at all just for the necessities.

We are again asking our community to be considerate of those who are in greater need – not just “the elderly or immune compromised” but our friends and neighbours. It is the simplest way we can all help each other.”

Southside notes that the measure isn’t perfect and relies on people following their request, but that it is a step to help where possible, and to continue to look out for one another. A classy move by Southside Market in helping keep the most vulnerable of the community safe.


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