Stoke FM rallying community for fundraiser to help keep them on air

Stoke FM needs your help to save community radio in Revelstoke! The Stoke FM Radio Society is having a fundraiser until March 31st 2020 with the goal of raising $10,000.

Unlike the majority of community radio stations, Stoke FM is not affiliated with any local campuses or organizations. The local radio station is a not for profit society operated by volunteers, donations, and community support. The station can be streamed online at and on FM frequency 92.5 in the Revelstoke area.

Donations from the fundraiser will go towards paying for broadcasting & licensing fees, rent, utilities, upgrading aging equipment & software, administrative costs, programs supporting local musicians, and improving programming.

Businesses that are interested in advertising or sponsoring Stoke FM can contact fundraiser coordinator Hilary Zeeuwen at

Long time radio host Mike Watson emphasised, “No donation is too small and I urge you to help keep community radio alive in Revelstoke. Since 2011 Stoke FM has been providing quality programming and we need your help more than ever!”

Donations have incentives for specific pledge levels ranging from t-shirts for a $50 donation to a day of heli-skiing for a $10,000 donation. There will also be a wind up event Saturday March 28th at the United Church with the grand prize being a RMR 20/21 Seasons pass. To donate, or for more information, please head to the fundraiser page, or to

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