The City Unveils Council Strategic Plan

Revelstoke, BC – The City of Revelstoke is excited to announce Council’s Strategic Plan outlining their mission, vision, values, priorities and goals to help shape the future of the City.

A workshop facilitated by local government expert and trainer Allison Habkirk enabled Council to establish a Strategic Plan to move toward making Revelstoke an even better place to work, live and play. The Strategic Plan includes five categories under which senior staff members will focus resources and actions.


The City of Revelstoke strives to be an innovative, adaptable and resilient organization that is focused on service.


To deliver municipal services and responsible governance for citizens of Revelstoke while managing public assets and fostering the economic, social and environmental well-being of the community.

“These priorities speak to Council’s desire to improve the quality of life for each citizen while providing sound stewardship, governance and service excellence.” said Mayor Sulz, “Our desire is to meet the needs of our community through sustainability, emergency preparedness and resilience.”


Livability: to aspire to a high quality of life and a desirable and livable City for citizens and visitors;

Infrastructure: to provide sound stewardship of the City’s infrastructure and facility assets;

Sustainability: to steward development in Revelstoke to satisfy the needs of the present without adversely affecting the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs;

Emergency Planning: to ensure the City is prepared to respond to and manage emergency situations and secure safety of citizens and visitors; and

Organizational Resilience: to ensure the City organization delivers service excellence to citizens and visitors.

“The Strategic Plan provides a foundation for senior management to develop their annual work plans”, Interim CAO Dawn Low stated, “the management team is excited to work together to help implement these goals.”

Specific goals listed under each priority were identified as 2019-2020 priorities and are as follows:


  • Updating the Official Community Plan and addressing the housing needs and affordable housing challenges.


  • Initiating and completing the Liquid Waste Management Plan, implementing development cost charges to fund infrastructure needs, and to further develop asset management planning.


  • Pursing “green” initiatives to enable the City to adapt to climate change.

Emergency Planning

  • Completing the Emergency Plan update to assess risks.

Organizational Resilience

  • Streamlining work and approval processes and focussing on creating an improved service culture.

Senior staff have initiated departmental work plans and will be starting budget discussions based on the new Strategic Plan. Follow up to the Strategic Plan will take place in one year where Council will measure progress, re-evaluate priorities, and set goals for future years.

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