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The Little Extras From Over The Holidays

The Holidays are a time of celebration, and sometimes, they bring a little something extra. Here is some of the things that happened in town that really warmed people’s hearts.

For Cynthia Gallant, the Community Christmas Dinner exemplified Christmas spirit in town. “I’ve gone every year for four years. This was my first year volunteering. I couldn’t have been any more grateful to serve and connect with people I wouldn’t normally cross paths with,” says Gallant. “It really filled my bucket.”

In other cases, it was growth of a business close to your heart. Sarah and Stu of Track Street Growers celebrated their first season of farmers markets this winter, a big step for the local farmers. “We had garlic syrups, spicy seasonings and a new line of fermented hot sauce,” says Sarah. A personal favourite is the variety of body products made with honey/wax from the couples apiary.

For some, it’s personal health victories that made the celebrations all the sweeter. Niccki Deveral was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. A couple of weeks before Christmas she underwent her first chemotherapy treatment and, for the first time in over a year, was able to eat without pain.

“I feel great right now,” she says. “My next chemo treatment will knock me out for a week, but I’ve been totally enjoying the last two weeks of being able to eat and feeling normal. It’s been so wonderful to have this holiday with my family.”

There is the joy that comes with Christmas spirit in action. Jenn Howe came home to Revelstoke and heard the grumblings about a lack of Christmas Cheer in the community, specifically the lack of any downtown event. Luckily, that lack of spirit wouldn’t last.

“Sometime during the night of the 22nd, an elf or two or twelve (who really knows) snick over the chain in the gazebo and set up a Christmas tree,” says Howe. “We had gone for coffee on the 23rd and notices the addition to the gazebo and were thrilled! It turned out we were not the only ones who noticed. Santa Claus himself had decided he would check on the tree and that afternoon had a chair to sit in and candy canes and cookies to give out to the kids of Revelstoke. Hot chocolates were given out to kids and adults alike.”

“I saw one little boy run to Santa when he first appeared and was just so excited to see him. Some families came by to get Christmas photos with him as well. My toes were chilly but man, my heart was warm with so much joy,” says Howe.

With the end of 2018 swiftly approaching, may your 2019 bring happiness and health.

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