The NDP Introduces Bill to Ensure Government Meets its Climate Commitments

Media Release

OTTAWA – Today, NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic Alexandre Boulerice has introduced legislation, inspired by Jack Layton’s legacy, which will make sure the federal government fulfills its responsibilities in the fight against climate change.

“Earlier this week, the House of Commons recognized the climate emergency and the need for action on the environmental crisis. The time for rhetoric is over. It’s time to take action,” said Boulerice (Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie). “Today, that’s exactly what the NDP is doing! We’re building on Jack Layton’s work by proposing that the government be held accountable to Canadians for its international climate commitments.”

The bill introduced today seeks to uphold the Canadian government’s international commitments, regardless of who is in power. The goal is to depoliticize the climate issue.

“The Liberal government talks about the climate crisis but then maintains Conservative greenhouse gas targets, buys a pipeline, and continues billion dollar subsidies to the oil and gas industry,” added NDP MP Wayne Stetski (Kootenay–Columbia). “We must ensure that no matter who is in power in the future, fighting climate change must be a priority not tied to politics, and that the government is accountable on an annual basis on its successes or failures.”

This bill will require the government to establish a five-year plan to achieve its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. An independent evaluation will be conducted annually and tabled in the House of Commons. Jack Layton introduced a similar bill in 2006, but it died in the hands of Conservative senators

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