Third Climate Rally in Revelstoke on Friday

Students in Revelstoke are expected to turn out in record numbers on Friday May 24th at City Hall between 11:30 and 1 pm, with a group photo taking place at 12:10. Students from each school in Revelstoke are expected to participate. Each student has their own perspective, but overall they are asking for more urgent and stronger action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
School District Superintendent Mike Hooker is supportive of teachers and students participating and actively teaching about climate change in the classroom.
“It is not new information that this may be the biggest issue facing our future, despite what some politicians and fossil  fuel companies would have us believe…Education is key, action based on that education is critical,” said Hooker.
Others from the community are also expected to attend in support of the student movement. This will be the third climate rally in Revelstoke, with previous rallies taking place on March 15 and May 3. City councillors, the mayor and city staff have also been invited to this rally. It is hoped that the students will have a chance to have their voices and concerns heard directly at the event, and that city council will take the time to talk with students as well. At the event, messages from individual students will be shared (photos of students with messages on whiteboards) through email and instagram directly with representatives at local, provincial and federal governments.
After receiving messages from students at the rally on May 3rd, Wayne Stetski praised the students in the House of Commons and pushed for urgent climate action and the Green New Deal. Wayne Stetski is unable to attend the May 24th Rally but met with students from Revelstoke Secondary School last week to talk about climate action.
Previously, global climate rallies have had strong turnouts worldwide. This Friday is expected to have record numbers. On March 15, there was a Global Climate Strike of 1,8 million young people in 2379 cites of 134 countries  (Revelstoke had about 40 participants, half of whom were students.) May 24ths  Global Climate Strike currently has 1387 registered places in 111 countries ready to participate. The number is growing.
For those in Revelstoke, residents are invited to join the rally at lunch. Children are welcome. Future for Fridays Revelstoke urges people to join youth from Revelstoke in pushing for climate action Friday, May 24, at Revelstoke City Hall, anytime between 11:30 and 1 pm. There will be a group photo at 12:10.
Volunteers will be at City Hall to help participants make messages on cardboard and white boards, which can be sent out to all three levels of government. This has, states Fridays for Future Revelstoke, the potential to be the biggest global climate rally yet, with a show of students from each school expected.
The rally will be positive, peaceful, and fun. This is no protest, it is a chance for kids to write a message and send it off to government.
What are students asking for? Students want climate action now. This may be best stated by the student who started the movement in Sweden last August-
“Every time we make a decision we should ask ourselves; how will this decision affect that curve? We should no longer measure our wealth and success in the graph that shows economic growth, but in the curve that shows the emissions of greenhouse gases. We should no longer only ask: “Have we got enough money to go through with this?” but also: “Have we got enough of the carbon budget to spare to go through with this?” That should and must become the centre of our new currency.” ~Greta Thunberg
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