Three Valley Gap gets robust rock fall fencing installed

A new rock fall fencing system is now in place to improve safety for people who are travelling along a technically challenging section of Highway 1 west of Revelstoke.

“For years, people travelling through Three Valley Gap have had ongoing concerns with falling rock,” said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “Ministry staff have developed an innovative solution to help keep people safe. This new fencing system will reduce the chance of rocks landing on the highway, while also withstanding the heavy snowfall and debris that comes from regular avalanche activity in the area.”

The new attenuator fencing system is located approximately 20 kilometres west of Revelstoke. Due to the geography, intense weather and avalanches in the area, standard fencing would not be able to withstand the snow avalanche activity that takes place along the corridor.

The new fencing system is approximately 122 metres long, consisting of five-metre high steel posts spaced about 10 metres apart. The posts are supported by a network of steel cables that are anchored six metres into bedrock. The slope mesh material that is hung from the cable support system consists of two layers of high-strength steel rockfall control netting.

The system is designed to withstand potential damage caused by snow loading and avalanche activity, without compromising the effectiveness of the remote avalanche control systems that were installed in the area in 2017.

If the pilot is successful, this type of system could be considered for other rock fall areas at Three Valley Gap. Last fall, a new 33-metre long retention wall was also installed in the area to address potential large boulder events.

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