Tragedy Befalls Smith/Hale Family

Though tragedy has struck the Smith/Hale family, family and community are rallying to help.

Tammy and Mike Smith lived in Revelstoke for years. If you don’t know them, you probably know one of their kids. They both had children from other marriages, and together they made a big, beautiful family. They worked, played and raised their kids in town. Tammy and Mike recently met their first grandchild. Though they loved Revelstoke, in 2012 they purchased a parcel of land in Belize. In the last couple years, they made the move to live there full time. Together, they built their home and cultivated a life and business for themselves.

On the last day of February 2019, Tammy and Mike were in a serious car accident. Tammy is currently in a hospital in Mexico, recovering from head trauma and a serious concussion. Mike did not survive the accident.

The costs of such accidents in foreign countries can be prohibitive, and the family id unsure at the associated costs of getting their parents home. Daughter Cassidy Hale and family friend Krista Kallio have travelled to Mexico. Grieving and in the hopes of being able to focus on situation at hand rather then the money, daughter Chloe Hale organized a Go Fund Me. Not knowing how much money will be needed, Chloe aimed what she thought would be on the high side with $10,000.

In the 24 hours since, the fundraiser has collected over $20,000. Donations are still flooding in.

“We are so overwhelmed with the outpouring of amazing support from our community,” says Chloe. “We are all truly so grateful to have such amazing friends and family surrounding us. Knowing that Mike and Tammy touched so many people’s lives, in such a positive way, is truly heartwarming.”

“We were most definitely not expecting anywhere near this amount of financial support, but it has honestly relieved such a weight from our shoulders. We are all still in shock at how quickly the fund grew, and feeling so blessed that so many people care enough to help our family,” she says.

The timeline for Tammy’s release from hospital is still unknown, but she is conscious and very aware of what is happening and has happened to her.

“We are trying to get her to rest as much as we can…she really wants to come home,” says Chloe.

With the costs still unknown, donations can be made to the fundraiser here.

Revelstoke is sending our love to the family; in both wishing Tammy a swift recovery and offering our deepest condolences to Mike’s loved ones.

Tammy and Mike

Mike meeting his grand daughter Hallie.

The Smith/Hale family

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