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Revelstoke, BC – Over the past year, the City of Revelstoke has been identifying areas to enhance the city experience. In partnership with Tourism Revelstoke, the City of Revelstoke is developing a comprehensive wayfinding strategy and implementation plan, unifying the look and feel of the existing City with the new Tourism brand. The end goals are to increase civic pride among residents and elevate the overall visitor experience.

Ingrid Bron, Director of Community Economic Development said, “We are excited to work with our tourism partners to develop a strategy for improving signage in and around the community of Revelstoke. Helping visitors and tourists find their way to our cultural sites, our trail networks, and community facilities will greatly improve the visitor experience!”

What is wayfinding? Simply put, it is the signage and directional tools that help to identify where you are, find what you are looking for, and confirm you have arrived at your desired destination.

The City has recently engaged the consulting services of Cygnus Group from Vancouver to audit our City’s existing
signage and wayfinding assets. They will make recommendations on how to establish an effective wayfinding program that reinforces our brand and personality, while improving how locals and visitors find their way around Revelstoke.

Objectives of the project are:

Objective 1 – Economic impact

 Increase visitation at key attractions and businesses throughout the community

Boost the local economy through longer stays and increased visitor spending

Objective 2 – Awareness

 Enhance the overall image and awareness of Revelstoke as a destination

Objective 3 – Navigation

 Improve opportunities for navigation throughout the community by vehicle, transit, bike,
or on foot

Create a sense of community and connectivity throughout the community

With these objectives in mind, the first step is to engage with the community for their insights and opinions. The Cygnus Group has assembled a short online survey that will help collect local input on some of the unique aspects of the City and inform our ultimate recommendations. The input will be amalgamated with our public engagement workshops, and summarized into a final audit report that will inform our strategic direction and guide our design solutions.

Mayor Sulz commented, stating “The City of Revelstoke has so many beautiful places and experiences to share with visitors. Residents are proud of what the community has to offer and this project will help increase tourism to benefit everyone who lives here”. Please follow this link to the survey and provide as much information as you wish to share in order to help us improve the City experience for locals and visitors. The survey will close on June 9, 2019.

A public workshop will be held Thursday, May 30th from 6-8pm at the Community Centre (McPherson Room). Wayfinding Strategy Timeline

 Community Engagement – May/June 2019
 Strategy Completion – August 2019
 Implementation Phase 1 Recommendations – Estimated Sept 2019-September 2020

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