Aboriginal Friendship Society of Revelstoke Reaching Out to Residents Interested in Joining

Marlene Krug, president of the Aboriginal Friendship Society of Revelstoke, is putting out a call for volunteers. The group’s Annual General Meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday 23 October 2018 at 7:30 pm at the Revelstoke Community Centre. Specifically, the group is looking for board members.

“You absolutely don’t have to be Aboriginal to be a member,” Krug says. “We are all learning together about this beautiful culture.”

The society has seen a year of growth, and Krug is hopeful it will continue.

“This past year we had three new programs we hired coordinators for,” says Krug. “The programs are comprehensive, but the basics is that the Early Years program was geared to developing and collecting aboriginal materials for preschools. The Men’s Campfire Group was an outdoor based program involving discussion and cooking dinner around a fire. The Elders’ Outreach program is in its formative stages. We hope to attain funding so we can pursue what is needed to support Aboriginal seniors in Revelstoke.”

Many workshops are held throughout the year, from beading to cedar bark baskets to drum making. Winter solstice potlucks and Metis kitchen parties were organized and the society participated in the Carousel of Nations and Soupalicious. Many members took part in the Women’s Shelter march for violence against women and the society was instrumental in helping to fund two aboriginal bands at summer 2018’s StreetFest Summer Music Festival.

If being part of a dynamic group eager to embrace First Nations cultures interests you, then please do come to the AGM and meet other members of the society. Anyone interested in volunteering or joining the society or even just getting emailed newsletters is welcome.

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