After Numerous Collisions and a Struck Pedestrian, Revelstoke RCMP Conducting Education and Enforcement Campaign

On Thursday January 16th, 2020 and for the remainder of the week, the Revelstoke RCMP and Trans Canada East Traffic Services will be conducting an enforcement and education campaign for the driving public.

The recent snow storms and driving conditions have led to numerous collisions on the highway and in city limits. Recently a pedestrian was struck at an intersection on Victoria Road. Police are reminding drivers regarding such contributing factors as distracted driving, failing to clear obstructions from windows, and general driving behaviour: ie stopping for pedestrians at intersections and driving at a speeds appropriate for the conditions (i.e. being able to stop at intersections).

Police will be addressing:

– Distracted Driving – (first time offence) $578 Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) 214.2(1) or (2)

– Illegal auxiliary lamps (i.e. LED light bars) – $109 MVAR 4.09(3)

– Speed relative to conditions $167 MVA 144(1)(c)

– Follow too closely – $109 MVA 162(1)

– Fail to signal turn $121 MVA 170(1)

– Fail to yield to pedestrian $167 MVA 179(1)

– Drive while view obstructed $109 MVA 195(1)(b)

The police would like to remind all drivers that roadways are constructed for safe driving at or below the posted speed limit. Driving to road conditions means travelling at a rate which ensures the ability to safely maintain your lane and stay on the road. All drivers are encouraged to slow down: drive the speed limit, (or the recommended or variable speed limits), and do their part to ensure that everyone gets to their destination safely

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