Revelstoke RCMP to Begin Traffic Safety Campaign in Town

In an effort to improve road safety within and around the city of Revelstoke, the Revelstoke RCMP along with various partner agencies, will be embarking in a traffic safety campaign. This will include both traffic enforcement and education initiatives over approximately the next 8 weeks.

Each Monday the RCMP will identify the traffic safety issue that will be the primary focus of education and enforcement over at 7 day period. Specific information related to the offences under the BC Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) and the fines associated will be provided, along with some explanation as to the importance of those driving expectations.

February 3 to 9, 2020:

Intersection safety: this includes stop and yield signs, traffic light controlled intersections, signalling and stopping for pedestrians. The essential point of a proper stop is one in which the wheels of the vehicle entirely stop moving, not a “rolling stop”. This gives the driver an opportunity to properly scan the intersection and determine if it is safe. Pedestrians are able to safely assess if a vehicle has acknowledged them. These rules of the road also apply to cyclists.

Police will be addressing:

– Fail to obey traffic control device Section 125 MVA Fine $121
– Fail to stop for yellow light at intersection Section 128(1)(a) Fine $167
– Fail to stop for red light at intersection Section 129(1) Fine $167
– Disobey traffic sign or signal Section 161 MVA Fine $121
– Fail to obey Stop Sign Section 186 MVA Fine $167
– Fail to signal turn Section 170(1) MVA Fine $121
– Fail to yield to pedestrian Section 179(1) MVA Fine $167
– Drive while view obstructed Section 195(1)(b) MVA Fine $109

The Revelstoke RCMP would like to assure the public that while a portion of violation tickets are returned to the community to support road safety, the fine amounts, when paid from any violation tickets, do not go to the police. The sole purpose of this traffic initiative is to improve road safety – for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Next week: Recreation vehicle enforcement: sleds, ATV, UTV registrations, and Vehicle Identification Number checks) and secure cargo and trailers (lights, plates, safety), straps on loads, animals in backs of trucks and secure campers in truck boxes (appropriate methods of securing the loads).

Further: currently there are several potholes in the roads around Revelstoke, and it is essential that drivers acknowledge that if any obstacle is in their lane, rather than immediately crossing into the opposing lane, causing near collisions, to wait or slow until it is safe to pass around or slowly through the obstacle.

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