Avalanche Canada Warning of Dangerous Avalanche Conditions

Parks Canada Public Avalanche Information is showing a level four for the backcountry in the Revelstoke area. A large system is tapering off, but gusting wind and rising freezing level is still in action.

The system brought almost 100 cm of snow to the alpine over the past 48 hours and the widespread storm slab is touchy at all aspects and elevations. “Persistent weak layers from December are buried deep in the snowpack. An early season crust is decomposing at or near the ground,” the site says.

On Thursday, Revelstoke was cut off from the highways as artillery avalanche control was successfully “triggered multiple avalanches in adjacent targets. A widespread natural avalanche cycle that began yesterday remains active today. Remote avalanche sensors identified a large natural avalanche in Connaught Creek that coincided with extreme winds this morning,” the site reads.

Weather should clear up for Saturday before flurries make another appearance on Sunday.

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