BC Transportation and Infrastructure Post Video of Avalanche at Three Valley Gap

Earlier today, BC Transportation and Infrastructure conducted avalanche control in Three Valley Gap. The video was posted online, allowing viewers to get a visual on why avalanche closures and controls are necessary as the avalanche crosses the highway and into the water.

The website https://www.tranbc.ca/2013/01/19/photo-blog-avalanche-control-over-bc-highways/, notes that the avalanche technicians employed by the province trigger blasts with sound Gazex Exploders and Daisy Bells.

Amazing perspective on our avalanche control work at Three Valley Gap today! Learn more about our avalanche program: https://www.tranbc.ca/2013/01/19/photo-blog-avalanche-control-over-bc-highways/

Posted by BC Transportation and Infrastructure on Thursday, January 10, 2019

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