Big Eddy Elementary School Subdivision Approved

School District 19 sent a press release this morning detailing that final subdivision approval had been recieved from the City regarding the Big Eddy school site. The subdivision plan has now been registered at the land titles office. We

The property was rezoned to R2A Special Low Density Residential (requiring a minimum lot area of 1,700 square metres and a minimum lot width of 25 metres). This zoning facilitates uses including single or two-family dwellings, with home occupations, accessory buildings and bed & breakfast businesses.

The school district’s Board conducted a tender process to select a realtor and chose a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) approach. The Board’s realtor is Todd Arthurs, a Sales Representative at RE/MAX Revelstoke Realty. The press release notes that the listing realtor, in this case Todd Arthurs, will only act on the behalf of the Board and he will not represent
any potential purchasers.

“In establishing the listing price, the Board considered current market conditions based on a Comparative Market Analysis to achieve fair market value, taking into consideration the location, building requirements and current trends,” reads the release.  “Each lot will be listed for $205,000. Proceeds from the sale of these lots will be used to offset development costs and support future capital projects that will positively impact the education of students in the school district for years to come.”

The listings will be activated at 10:00 am, on Monday, November 25, 2019. The goal is to provide potential purchasers and interested parties with seven days to consider the listing and/or contact their Realtor. “In order to ensure that potential purchasers have the greatest opportunity to respond to the listings, offers will not be accepted until 10:00 am on December 2, 2019, which is seven calendar days from the time of the listing,” reads the release.

“Offers will be accepted starting at 10:00 am, on Monday, December 2, 2019. Offers received by our Realtor prior to this date and time will be rejected, unopened. It is hoped that this approach ensures that interested parties have time to respond to the listing and prepare an offer. Offers will be responded to within 48 hours. The Board will not make any counter offers to any individual offer.”

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