Collective Impact Vibrant Revelstoke Ready to Spark Conversation

“Dialogue is to collaboration what water is to fish” – Paul Born. This month, ‘Vibrant Revelstoke – Affordability’ for all is all about dialogue and developing a common community aspiration. Earlier this month, the strategic leadership team held a Community Aspiration workshop with representatives from each of the action teams, along with other community members. The strongest themes were the idea of having enough for all, taking only what we need, and creating a place where everyone belongs. The ideas of privilege, representation, connection, responsibility, accessibility and so much more also came up. What are some words that come up for you?

Having the conversations that will allow us to work towards a common vision are vital to the process – and they can take time. “Compared to a quick, project-based approach, it takes time and patience to enable inclusive dialogues that help the community agree on common priorities and a collective vision […]” This is a radical shift from a top down approach. We get to decide together what we want Revelstoke to be. Join the conversation! If you are curious about community led processes, you can learn more here.

Speaking of dialogue, next week there are two important opportunities to both learn and provide input to exciting work happening in our community:

Next Tuesday, Dr. Martin Guhn from the Human Early Learning Partnership at UBC will share the results of his research of over 15 years on Revelstoke’s children – “Understanding how Revelstoke Children are Doing”.

When & Where: February 25 2020, 6:30-8:30 pm at the School District 19 office.

Next Thursday, BC Housing will be hosting the first community consultation on the development of the old Mt. Begbie School site (located at 420 Downie St.).
When & Where: February 27, 2020 5:00-7:00 pm in MP3 at the Community Centre.

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