Canadian True Crime and Nighttime Podcast Covering the Murder of Daniel Levesque in Two Part Series

Part one of a two part series delving into the murder of Revelstokian Daniel Levesque has aired. Produced by Kristi Lee at Canadian True Crime and Jordan Bonaparte from the Nighttime Podcast, the series was created with the blessing of Daniel’s family and includes an interview with Stacey Thur, Daniel’s mother.

“I want to encourage anyone who feels like they want to listen to please look for it. But I need to warn you, it’s not going to be very easy to listen to,” Thur says. “There are quite graphic details and maybe some things you hadn’t heard before. That said, Kristi and Jordan have gone above and beyond what I could have ever wished for in getting the whole story and putting it out there for everyone to hear. This has been my wish from the start. That Daniel’s story can be told properly and truthfully. He deserves this.”

To listen to part one, please visit

Daniel’s story starts about four and a half minutes in. Part two will play on Nighttime podcast next week.


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